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I really like the new lady that demonstrates Kitchen Aid but what happened to LAURA that was there for so many years?    If she retired. Wishing her happiness and good health.


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I enjoy her also.  She has many of Laura's qualities.

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I loved Laura, but she did retire.

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She actually has Laura's voice, at least to my ears. If I'm in the other room I would swear it's Laura.

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Laura wrote a blog on her retirement.  I can't post links with my kindle.  Page back to June and you'll find it.

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This post has been removed by QVC unkind comments about on air guest.

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I agree. Was wondering if this is Laura's daughter.

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If Laura retired, I hope they came out with a cake and everyone wished her well on-air.... if they did I sure missed it!!


And YES.... her voice is very much like Laura's....


I've found her demos to be interesting..... I've enjoyed them!

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Tina the new Kitchen Aid rep. won the Pillsbury Bake-off a couple of years ago.  Takes a while to adjust to a new rep.  I sure did like Laura and miss her.  She did retire, but I don't know that QVC made any recognition of it with a cake, etc.  If so, I missed it.  I think Tina has improved since her earlier appearances.

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@QVCkitty1 wrote:

She actually has Laura's voice, at least to my ears. If I'm in the other room I would swear it's Laura.

Yes, she does have a very similar voice.  She seems like a nice person, but sadly has a rather unpleasant voice for tv (like many others on QVC lol)