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Hello! I like Kim too 
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Kim is real down to earth, just wish that her clothing prices were. They are  way too expensive for such fad fashion, so I am passing on Kim. 


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Having issue with capri.
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Can someone contact me? I bought two capris that the seam has ripped out of.
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I like Kim, she seems to be fun and a genuine person. I have not purchased her items as some appear cheaply made.

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She’s not there to sell. She’s the social media person and chats with customers/viewers live. Occasionally, Kim asks her opinion on something she knows Amy likes.
I like her, she’s a very pleasant person. Kim’s Sat night show is the only QVC program I watch regularly. I miss Courtney. I think the host is there because they get updated information on the monitor that the vendor can’t see; in addition, I don’t remember the vendor but the lighting was very bad in her image and colors did not show correctly & the host explained the color & showed what she had. I also think the host helps when there are technical difficulties.

I’d rather see some hosts than a few of the vendors. I love Isaac but he doesn’t contribute much on Skype & is constantly mumbling or talking over the host. I like him live, tho.

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It is her friend Amy and she does the Facebook chats or live chats.  Kim's line and she can have whoever she wants.   Why not family and good friends.  


Only one host I will who not buy anything she presents. I just don't watch the shows.

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@Stray  Since you mentioned Isaac I was reminded that Jackie used to be on with him for the same reason to chat. I really like her but she hasnt been on very much. I used to get ideas from her putting outfits together and I love to hear her British accent. I preferred her over Isaac.