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Who uses the filler word “ah, uh...” more...Rick or Carolyn?  No contest; just musing. 

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No clue - don't watch that much.

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Surely Jill is in contention for any "ah" award.  Sometime I'm going to count the number of times Carolyn says, "stay in the ordering process" during a one hour show.  Why would anyone not stay in the process if they want the item?  It's as bad as Mary Beth's "here's the thing".

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Can't listen to Carolyn anymore because of that. Actually can't listen to the majority of the hosts because one thing or another about each one starts irritating the bejeezus out of me in short order. Since I'm down to just a few I can tolerate perhaps that's a sign that it's something with me rather than them. LOL

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Carolyn wins hands down with the "ums" and "uhs".

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Years ago I had to do an impromptu speech in front of a camera as a learning exercise on how we present.  I was not as bad as some as I already had on-air experience doing commercials, etc.  but it sure is stressful  

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@DJs mom I agree! I don't watch Rick at all, but Carolyn's every other word is um/uh. 

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The producer is probably telling her something in her earpiece either giving her updates or wanting her to add information about the product that had come up etc etc..........She cant just stand there and not say a word........

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Yet, I love to hear the Irish vendors say "um".

Its like- "eum or em"Heart

I could listen to them all daySmiley Happy

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