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Agree, she's great!

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The hair is a big improvement.  But she still  makes a crimace face all the time. like she's in pain or needs to use the bathroom.


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I too enjoy watching Jen Coffey's shows. She is very likable and fun, but most

of all she has a great speaking voice comes across really nice on TV.

Her voice is  not high-pitched like some others..

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@dancing 522queen 

Thank you for that observation.  I am of the opinion that a host should have a good broadcasting voice.  I wish the powers-that-be would make that a priority when hiring hosts.  I have read recently that there are three new hosts coming along.  I hope each one has a good, resonant, clear, not-too-fast, not mumbling, not mispronouncing voice!

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I think Jen is a wonderful host.  She is always informed, explains the product, looks great in Isaac's clothes and has a good personality.  She speaks well and I don't get tired of listening to her.  

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my opinion jc talks to fast.i think she needs to slow down.i wonder when new host will start.always room for fresh faces

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Thank you Caarareful Shopper !!!!

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Jen is such a good host! Describing everything so well.
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When she is on, I shop online.




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And this is why QVC has to hire all types of people as hosts.  Jennifer is one of my least favorites.  And when they pair her with Kerstin, I just can't watch.