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Some positive news regarding my purchase I spoke about earlier of yesterday's TSV. It has shipped and already moving along the way to me. Not like my last shipping notice that said preparing to ship forever. 
Maybe just maybe yours will get to you quickly 🤞 

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I caved. I am disgusted with myself and not very proud to admit I ordered the Super Smile 3 piece set (item #382729) presented on Fashions Night In last night. I actually do have good teeth but I'm seeing someone next month I havent seen in a very long time and I want to look amazing!!! 🙂 Anyway, I fell for the sales pitch, the before/after pix and online reviews of Super Smile. Now I just hope it makes it here by next month.
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Supersmile is a good product.  I ordered a Sonic toothbruth from the Q for myself,

my daughter & my husband.  It actually makes your teether lighter.  SuperSmile is a

great additive to if you are in a hurry to lighten your teeth, the Sonic toothbruth

is a great thing to have.  Hope your SS arrives quickly.