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I bought Denim & Company's TSV on March 17.  It's still in process.  I bought a Susan Graver top on March 16 and it's still in process.  I tried to cancel the Susan Graver top - too much money. Can't cancel, so if there is a problem (both items have sold out in my size and color), I would appreciate knowing.

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I'm really starting to watch my purchases for these reasons. The Q isn't what it was 10-15 years ago; even 5 years ago. I didn't even know there was such a thing as a "return letter". They should quit promoting free exchanges and their return policy then. Also, regarding the "in process" problem, I notice I don't hear the hosts claiming it'll be at your door in a few days like they used to.  I think we can all assume the Q of old isn't going to return.

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My "In Process" is now taking 1 week.


Ordered something 1 week ago,


today, it's being shipped.   (:

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And my last invoice, was actually someone else's invoice.

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Yes!!!! All my orders in the last two weeks are taking forever to ship. I have one now that is "in process" for a long time. The EDD was 3/21. It's 3/25 and it still hasn't shipped. I would expect them to fix this because they can't charge me until it actually ships. I can't be bothered wasting time to call or email Q to ask them to please fulfill my order. If they want my money they should fix this problem. I suspect they don't have enough trained  warehouse help.

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My orders from March 11 finally shipped yesterday, March 26! I understand that there may be a delay for some reason but we should be able to cancel our orders when that happens. If they arrive too late for what we needed, we have to pay the return postage! 

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I am glad I am not alone!  I have ordered more clothing and it is all “in pricess”..  I wonder what is wrong.