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Re: How Do They Get Away with This?

@homedecor1   I don't know what the problem is but it's obvious you're not your usual self.  I'm finished with this discussion. 

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Re: How Do They Get Away with This?

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I have been a customer to both QVC and HSN for over 30 years and I can tell you that something is definitely going on with QVC.  I don't know if it's warehouse issues or shipping issues or lack of staff, but both are now under one ownership.  I also know that I do not have problems with HSN items getting to my door within 5-7 days, but the past several months, QVC DOES have a problem.


If they continue this poor service, they are going to lose alot of business.  Something has to change or at least give us details on what is going on.  Maybe we ought to also complain on the hosts facebook page that there are alot of issues with receiving products and we aren't going to even waste our time watching them present.  I know, I know...the hosts have nothing to do with it, but sharing our frustrations with them might get them to say something to someone who can fix this problem.

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Re: How Do They Get Away with This?

This just happened to me.  An ad popped up on my news feed - it was for a QVC Belle reversible jacket A377272.  Really cute.  Originally $74+, marked down to $25.  43% savings.  Gosh.  I was interested and clicked on the link.   It took me to a QVC page for that same jacket, but the jacket was priced at $47+.   Huh?   So I lost interest and went back to reading the news.


And there was that same QVC Belle jacket ad on another web page.  A $74 jacket marked down to $25.  So I clicked on it again, and once again, the actual price of the Belle jacket is $47, not $25.  I wonder if anyone clicks on that ad and orders the jacket before they realize they've been fooled?


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Re: How Do They Get Away with This?

always has to have the last word

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Re: How Do They Get Away with This?

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