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Re: Harry Slatkin Candles

@DottieD wrote:

I'm thinking of ordering the Harvest set of 3 candles that's being featured today.  I have never ordered any of his candles before, but the Harvest set is very tempting.  Those of you with cats, do they seem to be sensitive to the scent?  Thanks.



I have cats and the scent doesnt bother them.  Now I have a friend thats sensitive to B&BW candles but not Yankee Candle I guess it depends on the oils they each use...she doesnt say anything about my Homeworx candles either...

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Re: Harry Slatkin Candles

Why dosen't he keep refills in stock for his scentports?

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Re: Harry Slatkin Candles

Check HSN, too - he's on there as well.

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Re: Harry Slatkin Candles

I received my order last week, and burned the pumpkin caramel corn candle last night.  It smelled wonderful!  I will write a product review once I try the other 2 candles.

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Re: Harry Slatkin Candles

I used to enjoy burning scented candles!  Every evening I'd light at least one or two.  I only used good quality candles.  When we were packing up to move and when we took pictures down from the walls, I was horrified.   The walls were so dirty;  I never noticed until I saw the areas covered by pictures.  It was residue from the candles.  We had duvet blinds and when I lowered them, they looked striped, one part of the blinds were pale pink, others were gray.  Again, the residue from candles.   


The final thing that made me give up burning candles was because our house almost caught fire.  It was Christmas Eve, our family left after dinner and my husband and I were relaxing.  I fell asleep on the sofa;  I was woken by my husband yelling "what's on fire?"  I had a candle in a glass container sitting on an antique chest.  The heat caused the glass to crack and the candle continued to burn through the crack onto the cabinet.  The top of the cabinet was actually in flames!   Fortunately, DH was fast, got the extinguisher and put the fire out.  


So, now ir's only flameless candles in our house!