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One of my favorites! Jayne is actually watchable.

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Absolutely a great host.  Both my husband and I will stop if she is on to watch.  Just a joy to watch.  Also love to watch Pat, Carolyn, Dan, Rick, Mary Beth, and Rachel.  Could be a few more but back to Jayne just lovely.

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Jayne Brown is delightful as a host 👍👍👍👍👍👍

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@Justshop wrote:
What a delight to watch a show hosted by Jayne Brown! An attractive, older woman so poised, fun and authentic. Natural and fresh...doesn't wear 5 lbs of make-up, no over sharing personal info, no silly antics, loud talk, preening for the cameras, interrupting or talking over vendors. She is a class act!

@Justshop I really like her and I don't recall her running around in pajamas yelling my honey my honey.  We need more Hosts like her and get rid of the child acting Hosts.

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I agree 100%. She and Pat James Dementri are my favorite hosts on QVC, and have been for quite some time. No silliness and baby talk, just very professional, fun and informative.....They make their jobs fun without the silliness........

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Jayne is one of the few I can watch/tolerate. She is a delight. 

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She is truly a class act.  

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@Justshop  AGREE ...  Jayne Brown is a gem.   She's charming,  a natural and not trying to outdo or out talk anyone.   She's got a great smile,  laugh and presents her products well and thoroughly.   VERY EASY to watch and listen to.

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My husband, who has no interest in watching QVC, always comments on Jayne, & how she's the nicest and best host on QVC. 

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I love Jayne too ❤❤❤