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I have spoken to many Customer Service reps through the years.   I have never spoken to a rude rep.   All are helpful and nice.   Today I spoke with Theresa L.   I have to point her out as one of the nicest and friendliest representatives.   She has a wonderful personality and definitely understanding of my issue.   She offered suggestions for future issues (mostly returns) that will make the process faster and easier.  Theresa and other reps are reasons I continue to shop with Q.    Thank you Theresa.

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How nice of you to take the time to commend Theresa.  I'm sure she'll appreciate it and the mods will let her know you appreciated her help. 

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If this is the same Theresa I spoke to 2 weeks ago, I absolutely agree.  She epitomizes the best in  Customer Service...along with the Social Team, of course.  


Not only was she professional, clearly familiar with the procedure for accomplishing the task, very pleasant, no signs of stress, answered the phone with, "Hello (my first name)", and sounded sincere when she said, "Take care" when the conversation ended. 





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What a nice post and what a nice change from all the complaints about Customer Service!

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I love to hear stories like this !

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I never talked to Theresa, but I will say all the CS Reps I have spoken to at QVC have been very nice, professional and helpful....and the Social Team has been very helpful too in situations when I needed asked for their help--GREATJOB!   Woman Very Happy

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@Melvin-QVC    Can you see that a CS supervisor gets a copy of this nice compliment?  Thanks. 

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