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Got a good sized envelope from QVC. Great! I thought. A coupon for holiday shopping! But all I got was a cheesy press-out ornament that I'm suppsed to color and post....



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Low budget operation.

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@candyagain   Yep, I got the same thing.  What a waste of money on QVC's part.  It went right in the recycling bin.  

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Same here cheap card and


Same trash bin............

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I thought you were going to say “ all I got was a rock.” Charlie Brown out Trick or Treating. LOL
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I got it in the mail yesterday and was so excited opening it since it came in an envelope.


(I was thinking), "Oooohhhh, a Christmas Card from QVC with a coupon code"!


I was looking all over that thing for a discount Woman LOL


The Q wants us to post pictures of the "ornament" and post to social media. 


Free advertising for them, no code for us. I don't think so.


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I thought it would have contained  a coupon code also!

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@Rockycoast That's exactly how it felt 😂 What a waste of paper and postage!



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Same here.  A free paper ornament.