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Re: And all I got....

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Me too-So dumb! What are we, in kindergarten?  That went bye-bye.  
I will add, so they assume everyone celebrates Christmas? No- Duhhhh. 

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Re: And all I got....

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I wonder if the mods will poof this thread of perhaps get back to the powers that be and tell the about the unhappy customers who received a paper ornament,   What a waste of postage for a company trying to tighten its belt

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@candyagain I have an idea -- you can put that cheesy press-out ornament in your "gift closet" for that surprise guest.  You never know ---.

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Woman Very Happy

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@candyagain wrote:

Got a good sized envelope from QVC. Great! I thought. A coupon for holiday shopping! But all I got was a cheesy press-out ornament that I'm suppsed to color and post....



@candyagain ... Seriously?? What an odd item to send out! If I receive one I'll give it to my 3-year-old niece. She would love it! ...but to mail it out to adults that you're supposed to color and post?? Like I said... Odd !! 

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Ladies, you are so funny. Same here…In my mail yesterday was same ornament envelope . I turned it over looking for a coupon code…but nothing.☹️
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I didn't look when it arrived. I threw it out . Not buying anything.
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Don't's the thought that counts! Smiley LOL

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Oh my, ladies.  Thank you all for the laughs tonight.  Woman Very Happy


Don't you just wonder who is coming up with these ideas?  This is one promotion I'll be happy to be left out of.


I mean, I don't even have a box of crayons!

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I know they're attempting to appeal to a demographic that social medias everything. Post this, selfie that, hashtag, hashtag #####. Just not my thing.


I'd be curious how they measure the success of this. How many photos or the ornament will be taken? Does sound like a waste of money to me.