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I completely agree about Temp-tations. Thanks for the info  about Fiesta. I will definitely be picking some of that up.

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I heard a lady call in today looking for old world yellow.  I havent seen this but I have been waiting for yellow things to come out

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never bought any of her stuff. Surprising LOL Pretty stuff though

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I just washed a small Temptations casserole dish, it's has a pink floral pattern.  I baked sweet potatoes in it recently. After I washed it today I notice it had alot of small cracks all over and had darken in parts of the dish. I have never baked above 350 degrees in this dish, do I don't understand what is happening with it. I no longer feel safe using this dish and plan to discard it. No more Temptations for me!

becca lou wrote : Don't just throw it out . Call Q.V.C. customer service and tell them, they will make it right they did for me, and I had mine about a year. It is guaranteed . I  have never just thrown things out without a call to customer service. You'll be glad you did.Things are expensive, and maybe they will look into the problem so this quits happening.

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This is normal for ceramic though, isn't it? When my grandmother passed, we each got some of her kitchen items and I took a tea pot as I collect tea cup/saucer sets. It has cracks running all though it. Adds to the aged look, like a patina on metal. Now as to bakeware, I can't say that it is safe to use. since people have mentioned their dishes breaking in the oven and making a mess.