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lock & lock problem

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Let me begin by saying that I adore Chris Prime (?sp).

Today my coffee canister fell out of my freezer, landed on the floor, and one of the "snaps" cracked right off. It is made from a rather hard plastic but I didn't expect it to crack right off. Is this a frequent occurrence for anyone on the boards?

I should have stayed with my old tried and true Tupperware but I don't like that I can't run it through the dishwasher. 




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I've had this happen also.  Not sure not a LNL defect it's just happens if something is frozen and hits a hard surface! I've had this happen even when not frozen and drop on floor--the tabs are not as they were in years past.


Good thing it wasn't the glass LNL.

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Any plastic becomes brittle when frozen, then readily cracks. 

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I got big  Mexican like tile  squares in my kitchen. Anything lands on that

it's long gone.

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@d_to_the_third - yes, I just dropped one ( not in freezer or fridge) and a tab cracked off. 🤷🏻‍♀️💗

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If you freeze it & drop it on a hard surface floor 99% of the time it will break .... I don’t consider this to be a L&L defect 😉

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@d_to_the_third - I've never had that happen with a Lock&Lock container coming out of the freezer, but it has happened with both a small and a very large container made by Sterilite that had the same tab closure setup. As @Kachina624 mentioned, it's unfortunately just a hazard of the brittleness brought on by the freezing process.

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@d_to_the_third   I had the corner crack when dropping a large L&L out of the freezer.  Tabs were fine, but the corner is cracked....I still use it.

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I have some older L&L from when QVC first brought it to us.  It is in the colors of pastel yellow, blue and pink.  It is still like brand new and has held up perfectly and might be close to maybe 20 years old??


My newer L&L does not hold up as well.  I have had the tabs break off and I never put it in the freezer or drop it.  It just breaks from frequent use.


They have reduced the quality over the years, which is sad.  They have ruined a good thing.  I have a few knock offs from other companies that I paid less for and I have no complaints about it.  I buy three nesting square containers for $5 at a local store which is a super price.


I still buy L&L for speciality pieces, but I hate that I have to baby it.

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Thanks, guys, for all the feedback. Heart

It makes sense that the frozen locks would fracture when dropped from the freezer. I will be more judicious on using L & L in the freezer from now on. 


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