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Anybody get their turkey yet for Thanksgiving?  I'm not wanting a whole turkey, we prefer just a turkey breast but usually by now grocery stores would be putting them out.  I was out Publix and Kroger today and if there were maybe 5-7 at each store.  About two weeks ago I had asked about them and was told "any day now."  

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I did get a turkey breast for the crock pot.


I'll do a large turkey for Thanksgiving.  There will be 7-8 of us and it's everyone's fav meal of the year.  I also send home leftovers for several days with everyone and use the crock pot turkey for the extra white meat I'll need.


DS is used to Thanksgiving leftovers for almost a week after Thanksgiving, it's his thing and mine as well!

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No, I'll just wait.



Got my stuffing mix though for home made stuffing.




Costco had cases upon cases of turkey breasts, haven't been to Sam's yet to see what they have but I'm sure we'll all be fine.



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hoping to pick mine up sometime this week. i need a 20+ pounder and it has to be a butterball.

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I stopped at a supermarket on Wednesday, hoping to get one.  They had a few frozen breasts but aren't expecting their turkey delivery for another week or two.  The stocker said they ordered a lot so I'm hoping to go back there to get ours. 

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My Kroger had a large case of frozed breasts today. I didn't even think to look at the price.

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Vegan turkey roast at Trader Joe's ....bought a couple to go with all the fixins.  (They sell out quickly.)

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I bought everything I need for Thanksgiving a few weeks ago - including the turkey breast.  Just have to order the pies.


I'm afraid of things not being readily available.  I always shop early but never this early

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Western PA here.....Our Walmart had ONLY 22+ pounders for 1.78 per pound a few weeks ago....GIANT turkeys averaging 39-42 dollars each!!!


I am one person, but love turkey, but cannot use that big a bird, so I waited.



The next week, Walmart had a TON of turkeys, all sizes, 1.48 per pound, and I was able to get two for my freezer, the smallest I could find in the open freezer ( had to dig around...what a sight that must've been!!!) each about 10 pounds....good for a single person like me!!!



Yesterday I was in Aldi...they had BB whole turkeys 1.38 per pound. LOTS of them.

Walmart too had plenty, and they had plenty of the stuffing mix, Bruce's yams, canned cranberry, canned pumpkin, and all the fixins people buy at this time of year. (Note I do not buy most of these items but they were there for those who do). I forgot to notice if they had bagged  fresh cranberries. 


Actually, Walmart has had everything I shop for forever....except for canned cat food!!! The last month, those shelves have been bare. I had to order off Chewy, Walmart and Amazon to secure the food my picky puttah will eat (ONLY Friskies poultry pate style food!!!). One week, even the online places didn't have any of that variety, but I did order it eventually. I do NOT want to go searching during the winter months here in PA for food for the cat!!. Have enough to last til spring now....!


My stores have everything I shop for, but I have not seen Oven Stuffer Roaster chickens in months!!! They have lots of other parts and whole chickens though.

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I saw some frozen Turkeys at both Safeway and Harris Teeter nothing like volume they have had in prior years. Personally does not impact me because if I buy anything it will be a small breast. Hoping Harris Teeter might have the half breast rotisserie cooked. They used to have them daily this time of year but so far none. Every time I ask they say they order them but don’t receive them from warehouse. I’m seeing a lot of variety of stuffing mixes except no cornbread mixes. Harris Teeter had fresh cranberries and people were grabbing bags like they would never see them again! Someone I know wants a fresh 25 pound turkey, went to a butcher shop and told taking orders but cost would be $125, they decided to pass.