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@Patriot3 - you are absolutely correct about Tara bragging on how durable her stoneware is.  NOT! Don't forget how she says her items are non-stick - no butter or oil needed.  Also not true.

If you don't grease or spray her bakeware it sticks like crazy, at least alll of mine do.  Not a quality product which many of us invested in only to be disappointed in its performance.  When I bake brownies in my 8X8, I line it with parchment or foil with enough on the sides to lift the baked item out to cool.  Then I store it in my L&L as Tara's storage covers are not airtight.  I bought L&L glass bakeware and am very pleased with it.  You do have to grease or spray but nothing sticks, bakes evenly and airtight storage covers.  Good product.



Yes,  that stuff sticks like crazy.  Can't beleive that QVC allows Tara to just openly lie, but on the other hand, she is in the back pocket of David (neighbors).

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I only use TT to present food. I don't store it, freeze it, cook in it ... Decorative purposes only now.  It's a shame but I don't trust it. I lost most of a dinnerware service for four last year.

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I can't believe that Tara has the nerve to say "her items are non-stick".  That's BULL. 

Like judge Judy says "Don't pee on my leg and tell me it's raining".


When they demo this ******, the dish is at high temp, so of course it looks like stuff just slides out, plus the food they are demoing is HIGH fat and oil.  They know the SCAM !

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Re: Temptations ...yikes!!!

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I no longer purchase Temp-tations due to the reasons other posters mentioned. With all due respect to Tara, I don't understand how she gets away with her claims, i.e., non-stick, oven safe (not). An item is not oven safe when it becomes weaker and cracks when doing so, which it does.


I used to be the biggest fan of it but I can no longer support the brand, until the issues are addressed at least.


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Re: Temptations ...yikes!!!

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Had one crackled experience with a casserole dish when Temptations first came out. Got rid of it as soon as it happened and have never considered buying more.


Maybe it should be labeled as "Temporary", instead of a "tempation".


What DOES work beautifully after several years of repeated use in dishwasher, oven and microwave are my collection of Lidia Bastianich casseroles. Still look like new, are much thicker and heavier than the Temp stuff and have a beautiful glossy and apparently thick glaze.


I consider them a lucky find that I got from QVC.  My set looks like this except in green.  I notice some are sold on ebay.


lidia bakeware





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Love my boring white ware.  It's never let me down.  Prefer to let the food be the main attraction, not a busy piece of stoneware.

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@ncmama wrote:

Love my boring white ware.  It's never let me down.  Prefer to let the food be the main attraction, not a busy piece of stoneware.

Oh yes.  Me too.  White is the only way to go.  And YES, let the food do the talkin', not the weird designs on the dish.

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I don’t baby my Temp-rations at all and I don’t have these issues with it.
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Sorry that happened but it is to be expected since it is made in China. 

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I have to chime in and say that it is actually true that stoneware is naturally nonstick, but the effectiveness of the nonstick depends on what you're using it for. If you're *cooking* rather than *baking* (i.e., you have a lasagna rather than a cake in the pan), you really don't need to use a spray or any other greasing medium. I never have issues with savory items sticking in any of my stoneware, be it Temp-tations, Fiestaware, Polish Pottery, Pioneer Woman, or other brands. And most of the time, presenters will say that you do need to grease pans for some recipes (again, primarily when baking due to the caramelization of the sugars that causes sticking).


Note that I'm not excusing Tara for any of her claims or saying that her bakeware is totally problem free—I'm just saying experience and common sense (plus the details specified in a recipe) should be your guide in determining how to use any baking dish.