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I no longer buy Temp-tations, but I'm torn, because I really like it.  I pick up pieces that I find at Goodwill and consignment shops because they are usually just a few dollars, so no financial risk.  Of course, you don't always get complete sets and your choice of colors, but so far I've been really lucky.  The pieces have held up well and I bake in them often.


I say this in every Temp-tations thread, but I wish Tara would commit to find a U.S. manufacturer for these products.  I wouldn't mind paying a bit more to get better quality, which would greatly improve, IMO.  China products, no matter what they are, are low quality and often dangerous to use.  

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@JerseyGirlNJ wrote:

Sorry that happened but it is to be expected since it is made in China. 

Yep,  Junk,

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Re: Temptations ...yikes!!!

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I've been done with Temp-tations for a long time. Had some baking dishes crack that I hardly used at all. Never did put them in dishwasher.

My go to is pryex,corningware,fiestaware or polish stoneware.


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I wash all my dishes by hand.  That said, the last time I used my Temptations large oblong pan, I noticed, when I was washing it, that there was a large crack in it.  In the trash it went.  So far, my Temptations bowl sets and smaller casserole dishes are doing okay.  Since I needed a large oblong, forwhen I make lasagna, I got an Emile Henry. It doesn't come in patterns so I bought the lasagna pan in cobalt blue and it compliments the Temptations, Old World (blue) that I already have.