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Re: Temptations TSV this week

I've used my Temp-tations bakeware and dishes for years with no problems. I get so many compliments on them at church potlucks. 

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Re: Temptations TSV this week

I have ordered dozens of TT's over the years. 

I have received a few items with little pin holes in them, and other damage and immediately called QVC then they told me to contact the company and got all the arrived with pinholes/breakage replaced to my satisfaction. 

After that, I had no issues with anything breaking thus far. 

1. I never let the unglazed parts soak in water..only add water to the inside of the dish and soak. 

2. I rotate my baking dishes. I use them with their matching season. I have harvest and fall, and some other patterns I like. I got the verona pumpkin with lid..and I like it a lot. 

I allow the dishes to dry well between uses. I do dishwash them, not handwash. I don't usually do dishes by hand since my hands get raw easily. 

3. I always put the food in the dish in a cold oven and turn it on. 

4. I do not put a bakeware dish that I baked dinner in and is empty...right into the dishwasher. I let it cool for a while, store the food, and later put it in the dishwasher completely cool. 

I have never had an issue with my TT bakeware with chipping, etc, and I do actually find it delightful and cheerful and gets me excited to serve dinner to my family of 5. And Tara, if it was her idea to do seasonal patterns, is a genius in that regard. We women just love seasonal kitchen stuff. I think if it did not exist, I would have saved a fortune. Smiley Happy 

-If I could change one thing, it would be that when I find a nice pattern, like lemon zest, etc, that I could count on it being around and not discontinued before I could buy more. I love lemons and they remind me of my father, may he rest in peace, and I only have ever liked that one pattern with lemons, better than others she has invented with lemons, especially since it reminds me of Dad. I take awesome care of the LZ I have, though. Anyway, I think as long as you do the above tips, you will hopefully never have an issue. Be sure to look over all your new TT when it arrives, if you order it, and make sure there is no damage or defects like pinholes in the bottom outside of the stoneware. I know I love their fall items, I have several of the pieces not for baking but for my fall decorating coming up this month. I like the new squoval bakeware look, I kind of wish it were in my current budget. 

Happy September, Everyone. Smiley Happy