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Re: Oster has new hand mixer out

Bought the mixer Thurs. Got long beaters, got good heft to the mixer.


Theory is while still turned off you push down on the bronze button 'soft melt' button , then you turn on the mixer which has 7 speeds in it.

Will be set to 0, then, you turn it up to say like one or 2 and the soft melt button will illumanate to having white in it , showing it's on heat.

It blows out warm air and you have your hard butter cut into 1 inch chunks and the warm air melts it while your whipping.


Always wondered why sometimes cookies would go flat, but, it shows

if you forgot to leave cold butter out for an hr or so and you try to rush it by melting it in the microwave the results won't be the same. Cookies will be flat and runny.


I'm gonna give it a try with mashed potatoes. 

I paid 40 for it after 10 bucks off with any purchase over 29 think it was. Their price is 49.99 , so, I ended up paying 40 for it.