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When I don't like the colors offered I will go with the clear.  But they recently offered a set of 4 tall canisters.  Didn't like the colors....before I could order the clear they sold out.  I guess nobody wanted the colors either.


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 I miss the colored bowls with the clear lids. They are so much more pleasant to look at than the clear bowls with the colored lids. I wonder if they're ever going to bring those back? I'd be willing to pay more for them. 

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Shabby Gal, As time goes on I need a little help once in a while so with lock in locks I can tell my husband the Olives are in the Pink bowl, or the chick peas are in the Green bowl etc. If all my bowls were all the same color then He would be confused, I label all my bowls but he sees the color before my label and dates. So in my house it is best to choose the color variety sets. Maybe something to think about in the future. Times they are a changin. !!