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I have both sizes of the Kuhn Rikon pull chopper. I noticed that in the smaller chopper, the plastic scraping blade is on the bottom of the blade stack, but in the larger chopper the plastic scraping blade is on the top of the blade stack. Neither one is currently available at QVC so I could look at the presentations. Is this the way they should be? I thought the plastic blade was supposed to scrape food off the bottom of the container and force it up into the blades, but it doesn't do that in the larger chopper.

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Re: Kuhn Rikon Pull Chop blade

I have the older version of the Kuhn Rikon and it does not have a plastic blade. But it works just fine without the plastic blade. So, I am thinking that either way will be fine.

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Re: Kuhn Rikon Pull Chop blade

@Mike in NC  Go to YouTube and type in Kuhn Rikon Pull Chop QVC.  You will see every presentation that QVC has done dating back from months ago to years ago. 


QVC uploads all their videos there. Hope this helps.

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Re: Kuhn Rikon Pull Chop blade

None of mine have plastic scraping blades.  The only plastic in there was the guard to protect you from the sharp blades.   

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Re: Kuhn Rikon Pull Chop blade

@Mike in NC   My 2-cup KR pull chop has one plastic blade at the bottom, and 2 sharp metal blades.  It's similar to Item #K48049, which is on waitlist right now.



I do remember a presentation of a larger, 4-cup version and it had 2 plastic scrapper blades (1 top and 1 bottom), and 3 sharp metal blades.  


I'm not sure if the 2-cup and 4-cup have any other versions than those.  

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Re: Kuhn Rikon Pull Chop blade

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@Mike in NC - I have both sizes of the pull chop, and I believe the positioning of the scraper has to do with the spacing of the cutting blades and the size of the container. In one size, if food pieces get stuck, that is more likely to happen at the bottom, but in the other, the bottom blade is very low, so the scraper helps to prevent things from getting wedged above the blades and not being chopped. (And as posted above, if you get the very large pull chop, it has both top and bottom scrapers to make sure everything is chopped evenly.) I've purchased about 14 of these units over the years for myself and as gifts, and in later years, it seems like most of the units have the top-scraper style. I've noticed no difference in performance based on the placement of the scraper.


You mentioned that you couldn't find a presentation, but if you enter K48049 in the search bar, you can find one of the most recent versions. And if you want to view older presentations, just Google "pull chop QVC" (no quotation marks needed) and check out the videos on YouTube.


Hope that helps!

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Re: Kuhn Rikon Pull Chop blade

I have a weight watcher version of the pull chop. I use it several times a week. I think it was $12. I know people love their KR and it always seems sold out on the Q. Both great products. One of the best kitchen gadget products I ever purchased.