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I've had my Keurig Platinum Series brewer for a little over a year. A couple of months ago when brewing with a K Cup in it, the water only trickled through giving me about 1/2 to 2/3 of a cup. Some brands of K Cups are worse than others. But when doing water only, the stream was full and fast. I've descaled it and also called customer service. I was told yesterday by customer service that using K Cups that do not have their logo is what is causing the problem. However, I have the issue, but not quite so bad, with their authorized cups as well. Has anyone had the same problem and know of a solution? Thanks in advance!

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Hello Jane, we had a similar problem with ours and it frequently happened when we added a new 'brand' of pods. (sounds crazy, Gevalia caused us problems)

Our remedy is we add the k-cup, lower the lid to make sure the pod is pierced at the top and bottom and the air has been released, then we open the lid, close it again and click BREW.

We have been doing this since last June and the Keurig has hung in there with us since then.

Good luck. I have when things break after such a short time.

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Thanks. I'll try that. $150+ is too much to spend for a coffee pot that only works for 15 months!!

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I would call the Keurig customer service and ask for advice on how to troubleshoot the brewer.

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It sounds to me like the needle is clogged with coffee grounds. This has happened to us more than once.

You can take a paper clip, straighten it out and use it to make sure the bottom needle is completely clear.

This is copied from the keurig website:

"Clean the exit needle

The exit needle is located on the inside bottom of the K-Cup™ Holder. If coffee grounds or cocoa mix gets clogged in the exit needle, it can be cleaned using a paper clip or similar tool. Remove the funnel from the K-Cup™ Holder, insert the paper clip into the tube and move it around to loosen the clog and remove any debris. Please note, you cannot poke all the way through the needle as the opening of the needle is located on the side and not the top."

After I do this I rinse the holder under the sink faucet with lots of running water. Hope this helps.

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Same thing happened to me. I did the descale process and cleaned the needle. Still had problem. Realized that it was only happening when I was using a certain type of coffee.

It was when I used a pre-ground coffee in a refillable k-cup. Typically I grind my own coffee in the grocery store but this time I bought one that was already ground and I discovered that it was ground too fine. The water wasn't passing thru it so the coffee cup didn't get full. When I looked at the grind, it was definitely finer than what I usually use. Stopped using that one coffee and the problem stopped. Has never happened to me when I buy the k-cups. Also when I use a coarsely ground coffee in the refillable k-cups, have no problem.

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I sometimes have this too and figured some K cups are more tightly packed than others. Now what I do with every K-cup (can't hurt) is give it a few good shakes before putting it into the machine. Seems to work for the most part.