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Re: I Hit the Jackpot This Morning!

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My favorite too.  Dont you just love making bread..  Tastes so much better than what you buy, What is your favorite recipe ?  Its getting too hot to have the oven on but I miss it.

My current favorite bread recipe is pain ordinaire Careme. It's from Bernard Clayton's Complete Book of Breads. Marie-Antoine Careme was a French chef in the 1800s and the founder of la grande cuisine. He was a pretty interesting guy who was the chef for the who's who of British, French, and Russian royalty.


His bread recipe is now over 175 years old but still produces great bread. It's an odd recipe in that it starts with a batter you beat for ten minutes and the dough rises until triple in bulk instead of the normal double in bulk, but it makes great bread. You'll want a sturdy mixer for the recipe as it's a bit of a workout for a mixer. You can find the recipe online from multiple sources if you don't have Bernard Clayton's cookbook. 


The website (interesting name for a website) has both the recipe, notes, and lots of photos. It's a good place to look if you don't have Bernard's cookbook. Despite the original creator of the bread being very fancy-schmancy as a chef, this is a very basic, flour, salt, water, yeast recipe that's a simple, real bread, and nothing terribly fancy, just very, very tasty. I highly recommend the bread. It's my goto recipe these days.

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Re: I Hit the Jackpot This Morning!

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I live among the Amish. I only buy my baking items from them. What a transformation! My baked goods are soooo much better! Noticeably better! Heart

Me, too!.... There IS a difference, that's for sure!... Have a great day!

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Re: I Hit the Jackpot This Morning!

what do they do different ? I've ate at Amish places before up in Ind. they don't season vegetables was my main complaint.

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Re: I Hit the Jackpot This Morning!

I love making my own bread and have for many years, I can hardly wait to get back to it, once I get enough strength in my arm  I to knead again, In March I fell on ice and broke my left wrist, had surgery had a plate put in, and it still hurts, am doing exercises for it, going to Pt, and she thinks I will be able to knead bread again!  I make Health breads, very good and very tasty!