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How to post a picture on QVC?

Dont know how to do it. Help. 😊❤😊
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Re: How to post a picture on QVC?


Check out @ChynnaBlue 's very helpful screenshots.


Here's how to add an image from a desk/laptop computer. It's not the same if you have a mobile device.


1) Open a new post.


2) Place your cursor where you want the image to appear in the post.


3) Click on the Insert/Edit image button (the mountain range). An Add Image box will pop up.



4) Click Choose File. A box will pop up. It's a Windows Explorer box in Microsoft, I don't know what in Mac.


5) Navigate to the image file on your computer and upload. On a Windows computer, you select the file and click Open. I don't know how to do it with a Mac. The new Explorer window will close and leave you with the Add Image window.


6) Scroll down to preview the image. If you are happy with it, go to the next step. (If it's sideways or upside down, you will have to edit the file in your own image viewer, and I can't give directions for all those options here.)


7) Click the red INSERT IMAGE button. The image will appear in your post.


To add more images, repeat steps 2-7.

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Re: How to post a picture on QVC?

Better place to post would be 'Electronics' forum. LIsted there on the left.

forum for computer and other gadget issues.

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Re: How to post a picture on QVC?

There are instructions in "Welcome, Get Started" in the menu in the left column of this page.

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Re: How to post a picture on QVC?



did any of the above replies help? sometimes reading it does not click as easily as someone walking you through


I will do thst with you - I know this may not be the right forum but if you feel more comfortable here bc you post often in kitchen - give me a shout out and i will reply


also it takes a long time to load so it seems like nothing is happening for a long long time - post #2 walks you through - just find the icon first and have the image ready on your desktop


give me a shout out if you need help - I always found you to be helpful when I needed it and your recipes are wonderful


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