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Re: Food names - regional differences?

This post is so much fun!


I grew up in the South. Any soda of any kind was a "coke."


We ate "subs."


I know there are others. That's what comes to mind for me right now! Smiley Happy

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Re: Food names - regional differences?

Sprinkles or Jimmies

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Re: Food names - regional differences?

In New Orleans we drink "soft drinks" with our "po-boy" sandwiches. And if you want lettuce and tomato on that sandwich, you say that you want it "dressed."

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Re: Food names - regional differences?

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i am from the mid-atlantic/northeast......


we always called them jimmies growing up, but most of the time now we call then sprinkles because the young kids behind the counter have no clue what jimmies are.


i always call a soda by its name........i dont use soda pop, pop, soft drink.


have heard the term grinders, po-boys, hoagies, submarines, subs, heros......i always call them subs.


we dont call pizza "pies" and i cannot think of any local pizza places that call them pies either......even the italian owned shops/restaurants. we just call it pizza.


when you buy sandwich meats at the deli or at the grocery store we call that "lunch meat."


a black and white is either a cookie OR a milkshake made with vanilla ice cream and chocolate syrup.


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Re: Food names - regional differences?

@house_cat wrote:

When I first moved to LA from NYC, we called the local pizza place said we wanted to order a pie.  The kid on the phone told me that they didn't sell pies, they sold pizza, lol.  NY "hero" sandwiches are "subs" here in the west. There are others that I can't recall off hand, probably because I've lived here long enough to adapt to the different terminology.


Have you noticed any regional differences in food names?


Had the same thing happen back in college when ordering a pizza, as a native New Jerseyan in northwest MA.


I also grew up saying "sub", which is short for submarine if anyone's wondering.


 Smiley Wink

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Re: Food names - regional differences?

Here in the West, we call it cantaloupe, but growing up in Indiana it was always muskmellon.


I also never heard the word 'pasta' till living in the West.  It was always spaghetti or macaroni no matter what type it was.


Great topic!

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Re: Food names - regional differences?

I had the opposite happen with the pizza...when we moved to NJ we kept seeing "bar pie" on the menu and were wondering what type of pie was specific to bars.


I call a package of ground beef "hamburger".  My friend calls it chopped meat.

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Re: Food names - regional differences?

@chickenbutt wrote:

Ooh yeah. Some of the names people use for soft drinks make me cringe.     They are soft drinks!  Smiley Happy   I even heard sody pop one time.  gadzooks!  hehe


Also, I guess Marshmallow Cream is called Fluff in the east.


That's about all I know.


Well, there are some Paula Deen-isms I used to hear but they were just wrong.  For example when she refers to 'confectioner's sugar' she calls it 'confectionate sugar'.   

There's a brand called "Marshmallow Fluff," so maybe that's where the term\word "fluff" came from. Just a guess. 


As for other words for soda, where I live now, some soft drinks are sodas, but some can be drinks like lemonade or Kool-Aid. In other parts of the Midwest a soda is called "pop."


Doesn't bother me at all, as these are just regional ways that people have of speaking. Cat Happy

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Re: Food names - regional differences?

Yes, grew up on the east coast Northeastern PA...Moved to California 37 years ago.  This what I found interesting...Back then.


I grew up with "Hogie"  Italian Cold Cut...Here in CA..."Subs".

I grew up with "Spaghetti"...Here in CA it is ..."Pasta".

I grew up with "Macaronni Salad"...Here in CA it is "Macaronni"

I grew up with "Pitz"...Here in CA it is "Pizza"

I grew up with what they call...I want a Slice...That means a slice of Pizza back East...Here CA when I first said that they looked at me strange..."Ya...You want a slice..Of what bread"? 



This one is the biggest at least for me it was 37 years ago...I grew up calling "Green Bell Peppers"...Mangos...Everyone, who I knew weather they were Italian, Polish, Slovok, Irish where I lived in Northeastern PA a"Green Bell Pepper was called a Mango!!!


So, imagine me at 19 yrs old shopping in a CA grocery store asking the cleark were are the Mangos...He took me to this item I have never seen before in my life.  It was a true Mango (the fruit) to me it looked live a foreign object.   I go..."What is that"?  He goes a Mango...I go that isn't a Mango?  He goes, "Honey I don't know where you came from...But here they are Real Mangos".

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Re: Food names - regional differences?

I live in Ohio and we refer to soft drinks as "pop." When I lived in Florida, it was referred to as "Coke." I have some family that lives in South Carolina and they refer to shopping carts as "buggies."