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Yes, still use them.

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@Enufstuff wrote:

@BunSnoop  Yes, I still have and use mine that I have had since 1963. I got mine with Green Stamps, along with my Revere Ware


@Enufstuff I remember Green Stamps.  You got them at the supermarket and pasted them in a book.

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Still use the cornflower so many pieces at my bridal shower over 50 yrs. ago..then some of my Mom's..The still look like new

Just gave both DILs the meat platters with the cradles.

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I have 5 different sizes in the cornflower blue with lids for about 45 years now. I don't think a week goes by without me using at least 2. They still look new.

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I do.

I have three covered casseroles and a 9 x 9 baking dish.