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Some prices are higher, but I have been noticing that on both HSN and QVC. The CS 8" skillet has gone up $10 so I won't be getting that this visit. I'm hanging onto to my money so tightly these days. Has to be something of real interest for me to buy.

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I'm not sure is TS is that great of a price. I bought a 10 oz ribeye at the grocery store for 18.00 and it was huge and really good. 

Hamburger is good at the store I get the 80/20 content and they taste good. 

I would rather have all steaks with some fillet included.

Prices have gone up at the store but the meat is good there. 

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@SharkE wrote:

I wouldn't take a chance on food coming in the mail I don't care how much dry ice it's packed in.


In my case, it would have to come down to Tx.


Schwan's sent our order by UPS because the local place is closed, so, they said they would pack it good and send by UPS we were doubtful.


We don't get UPS till late evening it came at 8p.m. ice cream was foaming over the top lid and other stuff was half way thawed. We threw it all in the freezer. I've yet to touch the ice cream because doesn't take much for me to get diarrhea. He ate it and was Ok.


We're not gonna order anything more till the local business opens and deliveries are made again by men in the cold trucks.

@SharkE Great Alaska Seafood comes next day air to Oklahoma before 10:30 a.m. and is frozen hard as a carp.  I watch carefully for sales and their salmon is the best I've ever had.  We have ordered from them for many years and never had a problem.


It's getting harder to come by the sales, but I hang in there and find them--usually about this time of the year. 

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I took DH in the other day to a grocery and asked him with my hand over the price tag how much to you think this chuck roast is ?


He said 10-15 I took my hand off it was 24 ! He about had a stroke. LOL

that was just big enough for the 2 of us. After you bake and pressure cook it you lose a lot any way.


Hopefully meat prices come back down here directly.


He said "I ate lunch meat in my lunch when I was working and said no more, now, looks like I'll be back on the pickle pimento loaf ". LOL

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@SharkE Tell hubby I'm an olive loaf girl myself!  


I think beef prices will come down because from a mile from me there are LOTS of black angus in the pastures.  More than usual.  And they'll be going to market when the pastures start to dry up soon.



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In Tx. brisket rules didn't know what it was till we moved down here.

True story. Ind. there's no such thing or at least that I was ever aware of.


Brisket , is the big deal here. I saw a big ol' piece the other day all folded and it was going for over 60 !


What do people with kids do ? Just 2 of us. We got a family in church who takes in foster kids they can have up to 7-10 at a time. Their own brood , then, the foster kids. One time she told me their grocery bill was over 300 a week! Course, they get help from the state.


Better thee then me.  Bless 'em !