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Are you kidding me??? Over $8 each???? I don't care what the reviews say, they can't be that good. For that price, I will make my own or buy a steak.

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My mom made us cupcake meatloafs when I was a kid. A pound of ground beef and a can of vegetable soup. Mix it up, put it in cupcake tins and cook it for 20 minutes. They did not cost $8 a piece I am quite sure! Yikes.

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I just thought maybe it's because I'm uber-picky, but that sounded gross.

I didn't notice the price but I would imagine it's not low.

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I'm so glad there are other people that feel the same way...

WAY overpriced!

Reality's JUST meatloaf.

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Seriously! Nonsense! Trader Joe's sells a package of six turkey meatloaf ""muffins"" (same thing) for around $6. And I even find that silly when I know how easily I can throw together my own huge meatloaf and divide it/freeze it.

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I find meatloaf gross!

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the thought of the meat sitting in the cupcake tin soaking in its own grease just grosses me out; no way I could ever eat that! if I make my own meatloaf, I make it in a pan big enough for the grease to drain out......homecooking sounds better and better!

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Too much $, for hamburger. I could see if they were made with steak.
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I am pretty sure I could make 8 for $8. I saw a recipe online for them, but did not save it. They made the loaves in the muffin pans, then frosted with mashed potatoes. They were cute. I am sure you could search the recipe.
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I've never heard of this before!

My mom made meatloaf but it always grossed me out with puddles of grease, then the leaner meat came and then it was overcooked.....not a fan of meatloaf at all.