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Red Sweedish fish!! it is so weird....just gotta have them and then the craving leaves after about 20 bags.  Smiley Surprised

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My sister bought me a huge jumbo bag of Swedish Fish as a Valentine's Day treat @so so   Suffice it to say I polished it off in 2 days and then thought, man I hope I don't get blocked up, lol. 

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@IG wrote:

@indoor kitty 


I also have intermittent cravings, I'll crave something, but after 1 or 2, I'm done with it for quite a while.


The only difference is I HATE yogurt and I refuse to eat it at all, weird thing is, I DO like cottage cheese, go figure.


I think it's the 'tang' yogurt has that offends my tastebuds, LOL!


I hear you!   Years ago I finally let somebody talk me into trying yogurt and it was gross.   I knew it before I tried it and I was not wrong.  However, I do like cottage cheese but have not had it for years as I think I once had a bad cottage cheese experience and I'm pretty food neurotic so I haven't gone back.


To the OP:  Oh, I love peanut butter toast.  But what I do is, also using a nice organic whole grain bread, toast it up, put some butter on it and then a little pb and it's just delightful.   I could eat that every day.


I just had breakfast about 11:30 and this morning decided on some toast with butter and apricot jam.   I usually keep apricot and strawberry on hand.  The ones I love are the Smuckers Simply Fruit jams.  They are very good and there is no refined sugar added - just 'fruit sugar' for sweetness.  You'd never know it didn't have more sugar in them.  I also love rye toast with butter and apricot jam.


I crave pizza a lot.  Heck, if you watch any tv at all it's almost impossible to not see several pizza place commercials even with Tivo and I ff through commercial segments.  In the time it takes me to grab the remote, there it is - PIZZA!   Smiley Happy

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DATE and NUT BREAD with cream cheese..

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Cape Cod potato chips, I buy those little 1 oz. snack bags and eat one bag a day until I'm sick of them.

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@xraytech I worked for a catering business at one time and we served that along with fresh fruit, or fresh straberries with a cream sause . Very delious.