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Looking to buy new cookware. It must be nonstick dishwasher safe. I haven't bought cookware for years. Does anybody have any suggestions or advice. Thank you

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Wish I could get a duplicate of the set I have. They just don't have a configuration that I like. My biggest complaint is that I want a square frying pan (for French Toast). Not interested in a set that contains three different sizes of round frying pans.

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Ninja NeverStick has a lifetime warranty. My BFF bought a small set from BBB last Christmas and has been buying additional pieces ever since. She says it's the best cookware she's ever used and she has used many brands. Lifetime warranty!...who else has that?!

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Cookware sets are attractive and appealing, but there's a lot to be said for selecting individual pieces instead.


My cookware goes together just fine, even though it doesn't match. I have a variety of sizes and materials, which makes me a versatile cook. Because I have only items I need and use, I have fewer pieces overall and they fit in my cabinets. I can add (and delete) items as my needs change at any time. And I can replace individual items when I need to. The biggest benefit for me personally is that I love each item. 

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@jagk  I swear by Curtis Stone Dura pans.  He is on HSN and has  different cookware sets.

I have several pieces but not a complete set of his as I have owned a Wolfgang Puck set for many years which I also like.  However I find myself reaching for Curtis pans more and more.  As a matter of fact I recently purchased the 2 pack grill and griddle slide out pans and love them. (item# 761-080)  While they are more rectangular than square they're great!  He does have square pans though also.  Highly recommend.

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Another vote for Ninja.  The best cookware I have ever owned, and I am a"well-seaoned" cook. Curtis Stone is also quite good, but the best is Ninja.  Look for 20% coupon from BB&B.

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I don't have a full set, but I really like the Rachel Ray pieces that I have. I've had them for about 3 years and they're both nonstick. I use her 14" skillet (with a helper handle) and 3 quart steamer almost every day. The steamer's also good for making soup, gravy, jarred spaghetti sauce, etc. It goes right into the dishwasher and comes out sparkling clean. After 3 years, the outer color isn't as bright as it was originally, but it still looks pretty good. The skillet's too big for the dishwasher, but it washes up very nicely by hand. Zulily runs sales on Rachel Ray cookware - both individual pieces and sets.