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I've never used canned chicken but have been seeing lots of recipes that utilize this product.

I recently bought a can - it's ingredients are chicken - no weird stuff.

Just wondered if anyone uses canned chicken.  I'm planning on chicken salad.

What say all of you????

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I've always had some on hand.    Quick sandwich filling, addition to soup, snack for kitty or fido......

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I bought the Kirkland brand for the first time at Costco during the early virus shutdown.  I was afraid of shortages and wanted something shelf stable on hand.


I have used it in casseroles and soups. It is pretty good.

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We buy the canned chicken from Sam's and have used it for years.

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@hick  Yes i have used it a lot for years especially for lunches when I was stille working. I used a dab of olive oil mayonaise and  a generous spoonfull of no sugar added sweet pikle relsih. High protein ,low fat ,  very little carb. Can have it just like that, or on 1 slice of bread or a few crackers. Otr cut a red bell pepper in half and use it on that. I have also made it without the pickle and instead used no sugar added pineapple tidbits. I have also instead of using the mayo did a small amount of barbecue sauce in it, or a vinagrette dressing. Be creative and enjoy.

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I have been using Kirkland's canned chicken for years.  It's great for chicken salad and casseroles.  I always have some in the house.

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Due to shortages I tried the Sams premium canned chicken. I tested it on my 22 year old and husband with chicken tacos and they liked them. Mary's nest has a recent youtube video on a Sams stock up givinf ideas on canned chicken. I use fresh chicken now but purchased several cans of this for my long term storage pantry.

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I bought the multi pack from Costco, too, when fresh meat was limited last year.  Years ago, I used to make a canned chicken, Minute Rice, canned creamed soup casserole that my mom always used to make. Today, the canned chicken gets used for chicken salad or other small, simple concoction; Buffalo chicken, taco meat, bbq chicken.  

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Surprisingly it's not bad for some uses like soup, salads. 

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Re: Canned chicken??????

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I think it's tasty right out of the can and have been building up my stock in case of emergencies.  I buy the low salt chunky chicken breast packed in water.