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Holy moly... I need to start selling my biscuits! lol 4ED12828-C84E-4D7D-9E9E-3966DC320B28.jpeg

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Food prices so overpriced. My meat supplier is as gourmet as their's and sells to all fine dining places. prices way under their robbery.


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I saw this presentation even the guy selling them seemed uncomfortable trying to justify the price!

Its absolutely ridiculous...look at those here who make beautiful biscuits.  I'd pay them in a heartbeat cuz I know they made them vs mass produced.


The funny part of the presentation when he wanted to show the cheese drip...what cheese??? 

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I can believe it.  I'll just pass.

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If someone wants to shell out that much money for biscuits, well, their $, heir choice.


For me, to spend that much they better be delivered by Edris Elba to help butter my biscuits.

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I have a degree from Johnson & Wales and years of experience in kitchen and have no idea how I’d bake gravy inside my biscuits.
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I plan on using mine to decorate my body with. The pions get Pillsbury.