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Re: Big Box Store Shoppers - Question For You

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I mark some lock and locks.  Put flavored coffee in there and then never remember the flavor!  Sometimes I do cut the instructions if I need the cook time or oven temp.  Same for loose flavored tea bags, but those usually go in a zip lock.  Some brands i

@lynnie61 I prefer glass storage and have found if convenient to use mason jars for all,of my flavored coffee. I use a p-touch label maker for the name and it sticks on the jar like a piece of tape, yet the writing is neat and uniform from jar to jar.  My teabags come in decorative tins so I leave them alone.

@JeanLouiseFinch   I do have an old glass jar that I keep my main flavor in.  I love my PTouch for label making!  Isn't that the best gadget?   I think the glass jar was an old, old Maxwell House coffee jar from probably 25 years ago when my parents drank instant!  Fancy decorative glass, but a plastic lid.  Holds almost a bag of flavored coffee.  Our TJ Maxx/Marshall's/home goods still has a great selection of flavors for under $7. Some are 12 oz some are 16 oz.  I love new flavors and Christmas flavors as well.  

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Re: Big Box Store Shoppers - Question For You

I cut the instructions off of the packaging and put it right inside the container with whatever I have re-packaged.