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This was on ITKWD today.  Any thoughts about this or any suggestions for other options?  


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Re: Air Popcorn Popper

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I prefer an air popper and this one looks good, but you can get this model at Home Depot for $17.85.

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I like to make popcorn in the microwave; I don't use oil, but most microwave poppers today allow it.  Sometimes, I spray the popped corn with I Can't Believe It's Not Butter spray.


This Cuisinart model is $12.99 at Target and has good reviews:


popper cuisinart.PNG



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I totally agree with @ValuSkr . We have a silicone microwave popper but I use olive oil. It tastes nothing like bagged microwave popcorn, very light and delicious 🍿.

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I have had that type of popcorn popper for years, I use it several times a week and love it. 

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@BornToShop   The only thing I noticed about the popper was how noisy it was. You could hear the dry kernels banging all over the inside of the machine.  Would drive me nuts.

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I use a silicone air popper too.  I can't believe any air popper would be originally priced at $33 in the first place and this is just a regular price not really a sale. I love the silicone one because it flattens and stores easily and doesn't take up much room. 

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If you're comfortable shopping in stores, or even doing curbside pickups, you can find that style of popper many places. And yes, usually around $20 or less without shipping cost.


And I agree popping yourself either with this type popper, or just plain microwave type containers is so much more healthy and tasty than the package microwave popcorn.

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@BornToShop - I love Dash products, so when they started making air poppers a few years back, I investigated to see if I wanted to change from my Presto PopLite that I've had for awhile. I discovered there is one flaw inherent in all of the Dash models as well as most models from other brands: The area where the popped corn is dispensed typically ends in a short, flat lip that shoots the pieces straight out into the air rather than at a nice downward angle into the bowl, making a mess. My PopLite (which is still available from many retailers, including at QVC as K133008, though it is a bit pricier here) has the nice feature of a slanted, slightly longer lip as well as angling in the top plastic covering that helps the popcorn descend nicely into your bowl in a fairly orderly fashion. In the end, even though the PopLite has a somewhat larger footprint than the newer models, I've stuck with it, and it still performs perfectly.


I also purchased the Colonel Popper—love that name—silicone microwave popcorn bowl on Amazon, and it works great when I just want quick popcorn for one. The fact that it is its own serving bowl (which collapses for easy storage) is a bonus.

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i like the glass microwave popcorn poppers that qvc has sold. i have purchased at least nine of them......kept two......gave the rest of them as gifts with gourmet popcorn kernels. ECOLUTION


popcorn popper ecolution.jpg

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