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I preferred Lock & Lock (L&L) over Tupperware within the last 10 years and even replaced all my old Tupperware with L&L.  I kept my QVC invoices from my L&L orders as proof of purchase in the event I would need to get a replacement because Chris Pryme said that L&L has a Lifetime Warranty.  In November 2020, one of the tabs from the lid of bowl #HSM945 broke off, so I called L&L to receive my replacement lid.  I gave all the requisite information to the L&L representative, and she said it would take 4-6 weeks to receive.  Fast forward to April 2021, I'm still waiting for 1 replacement lid.  I did make a follow-up call in March 2021, and said they were still working on it.  Appears I'm getting the runaround.  I'll never buy L&L again because it appears they don't honor their "Lifetime Warranty" as Chris Pryme states so convincingly on the L&L shows.  Too bad Chris & the L&L company don't hold up their end of the deal.  I'm going to go back to buying Tupperware or Anchor Hocking.  Anyone else have issues with getting replacements from L&L?

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I can only speak for my own experience, but quite a few tabs broke off on one of the sets I bought (a long time ago).  I contacted them, provided all the information requested and have never heard another thing.  No replacement lids either.


I simply tossed the containers with broken lids and haven't bought Lock'n'Lock since, other than a set of the Christmas bowls with gift bags that they did a couple of years ago.


Some people have had good luck getting replacement lids.  I wasn't one of them and it was too much hassle to try to chase them up.

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@ariesshopper - Welcome to the forums! Over the past year, quite a few people have posted about having issues with receiving replacement lids from Lock&Lock. Due to the pandemic and the company's location in California, it has been going through a tough time; I've seen comments about people being informed that they are working with a "bare bones" staff and having issues with a huge backlog of replacement requests. Hopefully, as things start to open up a bit and businesses are able to ramp up to full capacity again, Lock&Lock will be in a better position to serve its customers.


For whatever it's worth, I have successfully received two replacement lids as well as a replacement bowl over the past few years, but I did not make any requests last year.

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Over the years I have had a few broken tabs, most due to heavy use. LnL is so inexpensive that I feel it's not worth my time to go to the trouble of trying to get replacements. I just toss the containers.

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Lock n Lock was one of the first products I purchased from QVC in 2010.  Those containers are still some of my favorites and their lids have held up well.   


Within the last couple of years I purchased another set of bowls similar to an older set, and the difference in weight, and quality is very noticeable.  I continue to use lids with one broken tab, but if two tabs break, I toss the lid in the trash.   I've seen the difference in product quality, and will continue using what I have, but will not buy more, nor waste time trying to get a replacement lid.   

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@froggy You are so right! Its only a plastic bowl and lid. Folks should just buy a new one. 

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I, too, have had the same experience of calling for replacements and told they would send lids but the lids never came.  I think they should just stop advertising that there is a  lifetime warranty and get on it.  Those of us that really like Lock & Lock items will still purchase with or without a lifetime guarantee.