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That is simply not true @Pook my local grocery store has one of the best bakeries around, and the cake is not $45 or $50. We also have great bakeries here too, and while they are not cheap a cake that size in not $45 or $50.


If people want to pay $50 for a cake that is up to them, but you are not getting a better cake.

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Why do people think that their financial values should be the same as everyone else's?


Just fill in the blank:  Would I pay __ for a  ___?  There are millions of answers!


Some people are extravagant sometimes, other times they want to be on a budget.


Just so you know, I probably would not pay that much for a cake for myself, but last year DH happened to pass by QVC Christmas in July and saw the 10 inch Carlo's cake for $84.00.  Guess what--he asked me to order it, and he ate it all, and really, really enjoyed every bite!!  It was very pretty, tasty, and huge. (And it was probably a heck of a lot better than a $5.95 grocery store cake, which I would never buy, either.)

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@manny2 wrote:

@Etoile308 wrote:

Large two layer cakes are not inexpensive, even from local bakeries where they can run easily $45 to $50 for an everyday cake. That is actually an excellent price. Less expensive than the vendor's website. Plus the shipping is included in the price. Savannah's charges shipping, and at this time of year an up charge for summer delivery.


To me it's nice to know you can send a quality product, which they are, to friends and family for a celebration, thinking of you, or just because.


@Etoile308Cakes the same size are not $45 or $50 in local bakeries. QVC food prices are outrageous. As long as people are willing to pay their inflated prices they will continue to sell.


I bought Jr's cheesecake in Costco for $14.99, and Mama Mancini meatballs in my local grocery store for $6.99. So you do the math on what they are making charging these prices.

They are more than that where I live.

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Re: $59 for a cake?

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1) Because they can.


2) Because they want to.


3) Because their time is valuable and they don't want to spend it baking.


4) Because they hate to bake.


5) Because the brand tastes good.


6) Because they have a medical/physical situation that prevents them from baking.


I could go on and on but the bottom line is why does it matter? Their money, their choice.

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I paid $65 at Easter for Juniors coconut lemon cheesecake.


There are no traditional bakeries where I live so if I don't make it myself my shopping choices are WM or Meijer and I would never buy a cake from either.


If you think $65 is high, try WS or Neiman.

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I get promotional emails from Savannah Candy Kitchen.  I just left their site and they had the same three cakes on ITKWD--all were $79.95 and free shipping along with a 10% discount on items if you signed up with a mobile phone number.  I am tempted to order the coconut cake for July 4th.


In April, we had a small gathering for my niece who graduated from Gettysburg College in PA without a ceremony.  I ordered a cake from a well-known bakery in my area of central jersey.  To anyone in this area of NJ will know about Delicious Orchards.  I paid $50 for an 8" 3-layer cake with custard cream, strawberries and bananas covered with whipped cream with pink flowers and her name.  Also had Italian pastries and a fresh fruit salad.  That cake was worth every penny just to see the look on my niece's face.  My brother told me she was very depressed and sad that she was not going to have a graduation celebration so we accomplished making her feel her hard work was acknowledged by the people that love her.  Sometimes its not about money.

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Comparing what is probably a frozen Pepperidge Farm cake (which don't get me wrong are good in a pinch) with
a gourmet handmade cake are just 2 totally stratospheres!!

Prices can be all over depending on where you live & what a bakery charges. I can get $20 to $70 cakes in my area (basic size). Not including shipping either!

I either buy a certain $20 cake from one local bakery or a $50ish cake from a world renowned local vegan bakery when in the mood or for birthdays/special events. And I'd happily pay more for each cause they're just that good!!

I'm sure everyone splurges on different things.
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I don't know what this $59 cake is like. Hopefully top quality. If it is, it is worth the price for those who need a special treat. The price is actually reasonable.


I enjoyed a cake decorating hobby for several years, only making special cakes for friends and family. The last cake I made, for a best friend's party, resulted in half the attendees asking me if I would consider making one for them. I have to say it was one of my finest creations.


My reply was -- no way. I made my cakes with love and toiled over them for hours to completion. I used only the finest ingredients. I knew they wouldn't be willing to pay what I would have to ask, nor would most understand the work involved in the resulting price tag.  


A gorgeous, fabulous cake, can be the memory making highlight of an event. So, they're never cheap. 

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I buy cake one slice at a time whether I buy it at the supermarket or for dessert in a restaurant.  I never saw one of the whole cakes, but I would guess it would be an 8" round, so I am spending only $24 for my cake.  Double that at least for any restaurant dessrt cake around here.


Price isn't a problem -  it will be several years before I've paid for a whole cake!

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You'd probably pay that at Dinkel's, Chicago

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