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@Thebig I wrote:

SKINNY LARGE HOOPS ARE IN STYLE NOW ...and have been  for quite some time, yet the majority of your hoops are still out dated in the style dept. Not interested in the blah little gold hoop that is   almost a mile wide. Or, they are solid gold and  priced over 300.00....can you go look at some Kendra Scott and get busy.

@Thebig I, They are available for purchase on her website.

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@Tinkrbl44. Thanks so much for clarifying your thoughts on fads and trends. They still mean the same thing to me.


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Of course they do ....  who cares about accuracy?   

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OMG, this is hilarious hilarious. Only on a QVC forum could a request for large hoops cause an uproar.


I am very sorry to all of you that like your small hoops, I have some too, and I, feel like an old lady wearing them. I just dont see them trending and I like my jewelry occcasionally to be in  style.