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@River Song wrote:

A while back, I purchased a larimar ring from Michael V. and the gemstone was too greenish.  I have a larimar pendant my DH purchased for me on a Caribbean vacation and it's almost impossible to match the color, it's very blue, no green at all, lol.  I was sad about the Michael V. ring because I loved the setting.


Then, I recently purchased the Carolyn Pollack larimar ring and the color was a match but I decided the setting was just plain fugly on my finger, LOL.  So, back it went.  The search continues....  Smiley Wink

I guess I lucked out.  I have no green in mine, however at least one of the reviews said hers had a lot of green.  Mine is a beautiful sky blue with hints of white.  I know the darker blue is better according to what I read about the stone, but the sky blue is beautiful to me.  I am very happy for you that you were able to get the one you like, not to mention being in the Caribbean.:-) Have a wonderful rest of your evening.