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I don't like his stuff, and I don't like him.  He's always struck me as the consummate huckster.

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@Desertdi wrote:

See the source image


@SilleeMee   Is this the one?  di

@Desertdi - Thank you for the pic. This animal is stunning! 

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@Kachina624 I buy very little of his jewelry now for the same reason you mentioned. I had bought a pair of rainbow jasper earrings that looked really great on TV and when I received them, they looked like two brown stones I could have picked up in the driveway!


I was very disappointed and I returned them and have decided that is it for me.


I have jewelry from his line that I bought years ago and like very much so it really made me sad to get such poor quality.

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@GinaV24    Do you suppose Jay has run out of rocks?  It's very disheartening when a vendor you've enjoyed suddenly produces such poor quality merchandise. I really think he needs to consider retirement. 

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I received my Jay King bracelet, and it is lovely. It fits perfectly and looks exactly like the photo online. The lapis is a vibrant blue, and the okapi stones are polished. 


I guess some posters had bad luck with Jay King; but he still has very nice jewelry. I'm pleased with my purchase. 

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I am not a fan of Jay's things. I do have a couple that I kept that are nice.  His designs are kind of crude, and hippie-ish to me.  Plus sometimes his stones are dull.  Once and a while he comes up with something that is okay I would buy his stretch and coil bracelets when they are on clearance.  I would not sink big money into his stuff.  Plus a lot of his items are very heavy to wear.

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A while back I purchased a necklace and earrings like this from Jay (and the matching bracelet) and I love them! Compliments whenever I wear them. Beautiful stones and I love all the info Jay gives on where they came from. I have a few other pieces from him and the thing is all the stones are so unique that each item is unique too.....lighter/darker. Not all the stones match sometimes in color but just return for another one that is more to your liking. I noticed that some of this blue opal was way darker than the items I received which are a beautiful light sky blue. I have been very happy with all his jewelry and am happy it's made in the USA. So little of the jewelry offered on Q and HSN is.

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I have only a few pieces of Jay King jewelry that I like and have kept.  I just sent a few pieces back.  The stones look nothing like on TV and are muddy and poor quality.  They pick the best of the best and put them on TV.  Also his necklaces, being rocks are very heavy and his silver is clunky and hippie-ish looking to me.  I'm having the same problem with some of Colleen's jewelry as well as some Herkimer.  Anytime you are buying a natural stone you run the risk of this but I think HSN is the worst culprit with these stones.  I bought a Joya rutilated quartz and it was a dull gray stone, no rutilation.  I've gotten labradorite that was dead gray in person.  On the other hand, anytime I have bought Diamonique, Absolute, Judith Ripka, I am usually very pleased and there are few send backs.  My tip is to buy Jay King on ebay or Poshmark because you will see actual pictures of what you are getting (although you might not be able to return).

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I hope Jay King never retires...

I purchased a dainty silver & turquoise station chain necklace for my daughter (she's 24) a few months ago. It's beautiful and looks lovely on her.


I then purchased the matching turquoise station drop earrings. They too are beautiful and look lovely on my daughter.


I have another piece or two of Jay's and they were all well made. I hope he never retires, and I hope he continues to branch out into more dainty jewelry such as the pieces that I purchased for my daughter.