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Will discuss the clothing under FASHION, but notice that the line of jewelry is becoming outdated and repetitive. The prices are also really high for costume jewelry. I hope the team can pull together some new ideas instead of endless sets of multi-colored dangle earrings & bee pins. I used to collect her tiny eggs that I attached to a charm bracelet & smaller pins. I'd also like to see some pieces in silver tone. The bright "gold" looks really fake to me. 


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I have a wonderful collection of pins that Joan brought to QVC many years ago. I particularly liked her Victorian pins, delicate and beautifully made. I bought a few larger pins, which I like to wear on my winter coats. I can't recall how long it's been since I was enticed to buy any of the newer offerings. Those heavy necklaces look cheap to me, though the prices aren't. 

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I have the Empress of Romania necklace with many, many additions.  Never wear ir and would love to sell it but would need to break it apart for ebay.  Haven't done it yet.  I also have the Ark necklace.

I did just buy a statement necklace because it was enameled.  Love it.

I loved her earring wardrobes when they were different styles but now they are just different colors.

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Agree:    heavy ones have always looked cheap to me.

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I have LOTS of Joan Rivers jewelry from the 1990s. LOTS of pins and necklaces. I still wear them and love them. It's been many years since I bought any of her jewelry from QVC. The last item I bought was a pearl strand--which was plastic. I returned it. This stuff sold today looks cheaply made.

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Those big statement necklaces are made by everyone these days and are a dime a dozen.  Joan Rivers used to be known for elegant classic jewelry.  I own many beautiful pins, delicate bracelets, and beautiful earrings.  She used beautiful rhinestones,  and enameling, and her chains looked almost real.  That attention to detail is long gone and it is a shame.  I sincerely doubt that she wanted her line to look like everyone else's.

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I cherish my older collection but I don't need to buy anything new and I have noticed the rise in prices. 

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As we all know, Joan has passed away and someone else is in charge of that line now.  It is Joan Rivers in name only.  It's too bad.  It was REALLY something back in the day.  I never missed a show.  I don't even watch it now, the line has nothing to do with what she brought to QVC.  Remember how she used to bring her original pieces to compare to the replicas she had created?  I loved that!

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I wouldn't know because I haven't watched a Joan Rivers Collection show since we lost Joan. 

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I still love and wear the auto-delivery hearts and flowers necklace from years ago. The newer offerings? Not so much. it's gotten kind of gaudy.