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I've always wanted a Moissanite solitaire, but still a tad too pricey for me.  Can you tell me how Moissanite differs from Diamonique?  I've not bought jewelry in years and have always been curious.

Moissanite has more brilliance to the stone, but also has a yellowish tint to it. I purchased earrings - and though the sparkle is there in the sunlight, under regular lighting, they look yellow. For myself, I prefer a very high end CZ. Ebay has some very nice ones as well as JTV. 

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@pommom. Yes, that's  Jett who died about 4 years ago.  I got involved with collie rescue and had a series of collies, a couple shelties and several Aussies.  I can no longer handle the big dogs so I've  got a mutt who's a wonderful dog and a mini Aussie who's a brat. 

I love Jett's picture! I had a Collie - the best dog in the world. Collies are so sensitive and sweet. But as I age a little, I know I can't lift a large dog anymore. Nice picture!

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I totally agree: Gone are the days many, many years ago, when you get great diamonique. I still have pieces from the early 2000s. They have stood the test of time. I have stopped trying to buy any grade-a diamonique jewelry anymore: I just end up sending it back or giving it away...ahh I miss the good old days when I could fool the best of them...Not anymore. Most of it looks cheap, even the Judith Ripka is just not the same. I too, have given up. They haven't set the standard in a loooooong time now: No more grade 6a cubic zirconia coming from their shop.

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Delilah2 is right about the yellowish tint.  I once was waiting for someone in a TJ Maxx in a larger city.  Store was dead and the older gentleman who was the manager spent some time talking with me.  There was a huge section of Moissanite in his showcase and I commented on the yellow.appearance of the whole display.  He said he didn't know much about it, but he agreed with me.  The fact that this was a TJ Maxx means this was some close-out deal in the first place.  I totally lost my interest then and there.    

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Re: Done with Diamonique

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Kachina, what do you like more in moissanite? Sparkle? Cost/qualiy?

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@alice87    I just ran across your question on this old thread by accident.  I love the sparkle of Moissanite.  I've had people walk across a room and ask to see my ring. 


I must say, if you're seeing a yellowish cast to a stone is is a low grade quality, which is commonly sold by shopping channels.  You can get the good stuff directly from Covard & Charles, the manufacturer. 

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