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ShopHq Diamond day Sat 3/20 & 3/21

 Did anyone watch ShopHq this past weekend Sat 3/20-3/21 .  The shows were on late 10pm and went into 2 am . I taped it from  12 to 2  to see what  jewelry they were presenting . I really was tempted by some of the EFFY emerald pieces such as the Brasi;ica  earrings . I have a few EFFY pieces  from yrs ago.  Anyone else tempted  by  the jewelry designs and prices.

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Re: ShopHq Diamond day Sat 3/20 & 3/21

Tempted yes by some beautiful jewelry pieces, but not tempted by their prices, way over the top, including the shipping fee. 

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Re: ShopHq Diamond day Sat 3/20 & 3/21



Yes, I watched some shows off and on, because I always enjoy a day dedicated to diamonds!!


I have some issues with diamond quality with some of the vendors, but I know EFFY is pretty consistent.  I like the diverse creativity from Galerie de Bijoux and Beverly Hills Elegance as well.


I saw they also had some higher level gemstones in Diamond Treasures that sold out pretty quickly.


I was just window shopping--no orders at this time...