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@Mom2Dogs wrote:

@meowingkitty , if I am understanding correctly you are NOT have a new unit placed over the old, correct? ...but I read you are having a liner put over the tup, so I am a tad confused.  Did you just tear out the shower walls?

Can I be nosy and ask what you are paying?


If you are not going over top the old unit, are you using fiberglass for the walls?

Sorry for the confusion. We had the old shower walls taken down to the studs, new backer boards installation and a new tub liner put in over the old tub and new fixtures. It was around $6000. Yea I will probably get ripped for paying that much but it is so worth it. They did a great job on my other 30 and year old bathrooms. Now if you want new vanities, flooring and more the price sky rockets. He was telling me about another guy who spent close to $40,000 to have his done with the works. We already had replaced the flooring, vanities etc, we just needed a new shower enclosure to update the look. 

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Check them out on the Better Business website. You can do a search on bath remodelers and see what businesses surface with complaints and ratings. I also find the information that I receive on these forums to be very helpful.

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@Mmsfoxxie , thanks for letting me know your experience.


I called a local construction company today that specialies in kitchens and bathrooms.  They replaced my countertop two years ago.....I will see what they have to say.  I was told a long time ago it would be a huge mess to start from scratch but since the companies that do the bath fitting are over an hour from me, I am leary.  Again, thanks

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In a bathroom, you may need to do some tearing out.  If water has gotten behind anything and rotted the wood, dry rot or mold has been growing you don't want to put something over it.


Check with some locally owned remodeling companies, places that sell tile or flooring and see what they would do, recommend and charge.  Talk to several.  It might be really worth your time.


Investigate the companies before you hire anyone.  But give the local business people who have been around a long time.  We got a great deal and a great outcome with remodeling our bath in the last house. 



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@FranandZoe wrote:

Bathfitters redid our bathroom in a rental house we owned;  they really messed up the plumbing - the tub wouldn't drain.  Had to hire "real"  plumbers.  Turned out BF left an old piece of pipe inside the new tub drain.  

@FranandZoe they claim to be licensed plumbers when they sign you up. Not true! The company owner is a licensed plumber- that's the only requirement for them to use that in their sales pitch! I was unhappy with their work and did investigating AFTERWARDS unfortunately.


Be sure you don't have current plumbing  issues - even the slightest. Because BF is only a bandaid on the existing issue.

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@Mmsfoxxie wrote:

@Mom2Dogs , while I can’t say that Bathfitter did a bad job, I’m not sure that they did a great job.  I had to call them back because some of the caulking was a little sloppy.  Twice.  So far the plumbing seems to be fine.  Also, I didn’t realize that the tub would so much smaller.  It’s the guest bathroom so it’s not used daily although for the first couple of months, it was just to make sure everything was in order.  Now, it’s used sporadically.


The job took two days, one day for the plumber, next day was the actual installation.


That job was done in 2015 but we also had a stand alone shower redone in maybe 2008.  That was a good job with no problems.  Last year, I noticed the there is a spot on the floor of the shower that feels like it’s lost some underlayment.   This shower is used everyday so its held up pretty well.

@Mmsfoxxie  Caulking was a major issue after my BF install! The contact person was so obnoxious and abrasive when I'd call for follow up. Never again!  I finally had my regular home improvement person fix the caulk and it's been fine. Now I won't use the shower in my master bathroom though- it looks pristine and I want it to stay that way!  My hall bath is our daily place. Woman Happy

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@fthunt wrote:

We had a crack in the bottom of fiberglass tub that came with the house.  Bathfitters quoted price $1,300 - - went with whole new tub - walls for $500 range.  I would go with new and get walls - or any leaks inspected at same time.  Bathfitters just covers your existing (old) tub -walls.

@fthunt that'sthe problem they 'fixed' - a cracked basin. But they really jsut put a band aid over a problem. It was much more $$ than your quote, in hindsight I should have had it ripped out and fixed the right way.

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No, we did not get estimates from local contractors.  


My husband and I had fully intended to do the bath updates ourselves.   What stopped us was sawing the fiberglass; #1 concern was my husband breathing that fine dust (COPD).   The job required an expensive diamond edge saw blade; big expense for one job.  Fiberglass is extremely sharp once it’s been cut, so there was concern in getting those razor sharp pieces out of the house and then to the dump to dispose of it.   #2 concern was finding a replacement shower base that was not fiberglass.   


A visit to the WV Rebath showroom solved our issues.  They had the American standard bathtub, as well as the wall surrounds I wanted.   We were sold once we saw their shower base options, which was made to order for our shower.   That shower base weighed over 200 lbs, and was a struggle to get inside the house for those 2 employees.   


WV Rebath sent 2 of their employees here to install what we had paid for and special ordered; one was a licensed contractor and the other was a helper.   We continue to be very satisfied with the updates 12 years later.