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Does not look like the kind of "work" area that would prove to be beneficial for getting work "work at home" space was set up like my work space at my office, desk with drawers, computer, monitor, files cabinets, etc.......

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When I worked from home I had a 23" desktop Mac and many files, I had a full size desk and a table with my printer next to it

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@lolakimono amazing how deceptive pictures can be isn't it? 

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Many of us have worked from home in the evenings, weekends, holidays, etc. This would have worked perfectly for me. I wouldn't have needed files, printer or anything else until returning to my office for a presentation or mailing a contract to a vendor.


I like this entire area, except those drapes (which have nothing to do with working at home) would be replaced! The paint color is relaxing (not busy) and would be easy to focus on whatever was necessary to accomplish. 

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Pretty though it might be, no one could work efficiently at that desk... As for that room, wow... That blanket or whatever it is needs to do and I don't think I've ever seen so many boxy seating pieces in one space... The pieces themselves aren't so bad, but taken together, it's a miss... Then, there's the rug, which in the right space might be nice but it doesn't work for me here... To me, the room actually has potential but needs serious tweaking and rearranging...

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Once again..too many prints going on....the rug and the couches just don’t look right together....  I do like the leather hippo in the first picture.  The desk is pretty...but awfully small.  This just doesn’t  look like a work from home environment. 

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easy enough to work from the couch; do it all the time

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Re: Working From Home

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@lolakimono The desk seems much to small for any type of work; however, at least by facing the wall, the person who is working will not be looking at that hideous living room.  Those curtains really need to go, and the sofas can go with them.

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I work at home.  I have a corner desk next to a straight desk.  I have double monitors.  I can't imagine that teeny tiny desk!


for home I just use my laptop on my lap

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I WFH. However, as an IT professional I have way more hardware than just a cute little laptop. I will always have a geek office, BUT it is clean & organized!

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