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This home is in Waco, TX, and is listed for sale.


Do you think that this is "staged to sell?"


Does it make you want to see the interior photos?


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Guess the Gaines family missed this one!

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No, makes me want to run.

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Maybe if you were a 5 year old.

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i wanna see!  love the christmas lights still up, and the chef-o-sarus.  maybe theres a cooler of beer for visitors.

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Is this close to the zoo?

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@lolakimono  Who would pay for that staging?   A child could do that.

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Re: Staged to Sell

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I've got really good vision to see what a house can be inside and out.   This one?  I'd keep on driving.  Is it really for sale?

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Oh, I think the outside says it all.....

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Re: Staged to Sell

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If that's the outside, imagine what the inside is like!


ETA: However, it is in WACO, TX. (Consider that!) If it's inexpensive, buy it up and do a well-done rehab. (not the cluttered, chippy paint Gaines fixer-upper). Either rent it out or resell it. Might be worth a look at the "bones" of the house before judging it from the purple mess and the horrible yard, which are minor changes.