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I like the comment on why the desk is facing the wall...

And, totally agree!



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For me, the desk is a non-functional accent piece...too small. 


There's enough space in the room for a good size desk; although, a chair might have to go.



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That desk and chair look so uncomfortable.


The rest of the room is too cluttered and overwhelming for me.

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It's a very cute little space but looks to me to be more of a personal correspondence and/or place to shop on-line space, not a place to do any real work on-line!

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Desk top too small and cluttered. That chair looks uncomfortable. I know I would get up and trip on the hippo. 🤣  

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WORK?  With a desk that size, I'm wondering what kind of work this person actually does.  I do not like the room at all. 

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I'd keep the sofa and throw out everything else.  The desk is too small for me and has wayyyy too much junk on it.

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Very pretty, but not very practical. Wouldn't work for me.

It's looks more like an artistic scene or painting.

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I like the built in bookcase and color of the walls....The desk is too small to get any real work done...and rest of the room ---colors and patterns clash!!!!

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