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May be an image of living room


in the artwork to the left of the window?

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I see a person's torso, with their belly button showing, wrapped in a sheer cloth. 

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i see someone needs to hang a different

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Re: What do you See

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I see a person bringing the kitchen into the bedroom.  I have no idea what the picture on the left is.  Vegetable?  The room is creepy with the rooster and bananas picture.

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@lolakimono Something ugly. Both of those pictures need to go.

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I see nightmares that are going to happen



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It looks like the before in a commercial ad that is on every half hour I believe locally for 'sono bello ' (?) a laser technique for reducing belly fat. This would not be my choice for art -- but to each their own .

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It looks like an interpretation of a tree trunk, or stem. I think it looks good in the room. it draws your eye downward, so it is balanced against the other art work.

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My first thought is it looks like a Mummy!!!!  The art in the room is not appealing at all and needs to go in my opinion.

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Insect cocoon, but whatever it is, it has to go.