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Re: What Style is Your Home Interior?

Traditional, I am somewhat of a minimalist. I can not stand junk or clutter, I like neat and orderly. A pillow, throw, or coaster is fine along with a few special  pieces that have significance to me. 

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Re: What Style is Your Home Interior?

Your home is lovely @Regal Bee.  Very cozy and inviting!


My style has definitely changed since I married 33 years ago (yikes!).  At that time, I was country all the way.  I still like elements of that style (particularly French country and folk art), but I am definitely more ecletic at this point. Now that I think about it, there are elements of almost every style that I like.  I've just ordered a couple of table lamps that are urban industrial inspired.  I love them!  At this point in my life, my mantra is that I have to love each piece that I bring into my home.  I don't think it matters so much what style it is. What matters is that everything means something to me.  We travel a fair amount, and I love the fact that I've brought back pieces from each trip to decorate my home.  Every time I look at one of these pieces, I am reminded of that trip, the people we met, etc  


Here's my style circa 2018.  I'm wondering how my style will change in the next 20 years.  I love to see everyone's pictures.  I always get ideas from seeing how others decorate.



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Re: What Style is Your Home Interior?

I like the french country style w/farmhouse.  I remember a time I was into everything country with cows & farm decor.  Now it's blended french country/coastal & I don't know what!!! 😉