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Now that's a snow drift, LOL!

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What a trip down memory lane from my childhood.  That happened often when the blizzards kept blowing the the snow to cover much of our front door.

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Yup, here in upper MI our snow is half that amount but still spellbinding. This winter has given us the most snow we've had in many years.

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My husband being from Texas would undoubtedly need

a couple shots of tequila immediately after opening that door! 😂 

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I would scream.


So tired of shoveling and waiting for it all to disappear.

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@Roxxy , I live in Nova Scotia.  One fall, we had a hurricane, most unusual for our area.  The hurricane was named Juan.  Category 3 I think.  Our city had massive tree loss as the trees still were fully in leaf.  The wind took the trees like sails.


A few winters later, we had a massive snow storm.  We are used to nor’easters here on the East Coast but this storm was one for the record book.  Over 100 cm of snow.  It took us three days to shovel out.  We lost power, some of us for ten days. 


This storm became known as White Juan.  People had backhoes hired to help clear their driveways because there the snow was so high, no snowblower could handle it.


That is what the picture reminds me of!  Hope I never experience that again!  LM