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I only recently discovered this British interior designer, Max Rollitt, through some British shelter mags.  He's a former antiques dealer, and he seems to have a special touch and expertise when it comes to historical properties.  This farmhouse is from 1675.   Without necessarily wanting to live in such a venerable property, I love getting a peek inside of it:





The flamestitch on those chairs is so perfect for the room.




Casual, modern comfort even in an antique farmhouse.




Like others of the British tribe of designers, he has an exuberant sense of color.



Again, so English!




But this is the image below, of the stair hall, that stopped me in my tracks.  It both gave me the willies, and struck me with its timeless charm.   I almost feel you can see figures, from 1680, or 1715,  or 1778, transversing the area, ascending or descending, or stopping for a moment to glance out that window!Woman Surprised Heart 










Max Rollitt can do very sophisticated rooms, but I really like that in this property, he kept things relatively simple,  fitting for an old English farmhouse. 

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I think the dining room with its flamestitch chairs is the best of it as I adore flamestitch.  The rest is typically British, cluttered with drab furniture.  Heaven help whoever has to sit in that straight-back wood chair by the fireplace.

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Love it all. I could live there very comfortably. 

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I like the house but I would furnish it myself.

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The entrance reminds me of the home on the show Outlander in which Jamie's sister lived and which was where Jamie grew up.




Lallybroch - Jamie's ancestral home (in the series)

Image result for outlander jamie's sister's home

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I do love the appeal of the house and most of the furnishings and decor.  The colors throughout are lovely.  Yes,I could live there comfortably and be content.

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I like the first and last of the interior pictures.  The rest, not so much.  Of course, the exterior is beautiful.

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Not impressed with choice of furniture and wall colors.  Overall very depressing.  


Some interesting pieces of furniture, particularly the flat back wooden chair...most likely a very old antique.  I like it.


IMO, this interior designer missed the mark for a very old house with exceptional character that wasn't brought to life. 



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I like that it's not too heavy looking.

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Rats!  Didn't anyone else get that sort of eerie feeling from the stair hall?   Thinking of all the people and many, many generations over the centuries who used it?   I don't know, it just reached out and bonked me over the head, somehow-- it seemed alive or something...


My fevered imagination working overtime, I expect....